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The feet/arms were kicking, waving in protest.
Being pregnant again is a miracle all over again. It is amazing to make life. How exciting and fantastic!!

That being said. I am already tired of being pregnant. LOL. Actually I kind of wish I could just skip ahead to about the 5th month. Then I actually Look pregnant, not just bloated and chubby. My body will have gotten kind of used to this already and I will be able to smell and eat things without wanting to hurl. And hopefully because I will look pregnant by then people won't think I am a lunatic because I cry at the dumbest things. Right now I just feel like a bloated, chubby, weepy, crazy, pukey lunatic. 


Bad news and good news :)

I have been feeling sick since last Friday.  Well yesterday I woke up and felt like I had been hit by a bus!  I called the doctor and they wanted to see me.  Turns out I have pneumonia.  I was given antibiotic and told to get plenty of rest.  The good news is, they did a sonogram to make sure everything was okay and it was.  I have the cutest gummy bear picture of my baby.  It really made my day.  Heart beat was fast and strong!  I think yesterday it really hit me that I am really pregnant and going to have another baby :)  


9 weeks, 3 days! 


Wow, there have been a lot of ladies taking pregnancy tests lately! =)

So i'll be 9 weeks tomorrow and for the last 3 or 4 days i've been seeing dark brown blood when i wipe. It happened twice a couple of weeks ago after sex but this seems to be different and is starting to scare me. i have read it's "common" to see spotting and i know what a miscarriage looks like (i saw the bright red blood and clots a couple years ago), i just don't like this. We have our first OB appointment in 3 days so i'm sure i can wait until then... has anyone else seen this though?

i'm also shocked at how big my tummy is already. i just had a baby 6 months ago so i guess it's normal for the uterus to "pop" out with the second but man, i'm not ready to drag out the maternity clothes yet heh.

Well, hope everyone is feeling good. Twenty-four hour nausea sucks.


Name: Amy
Age: 35
Partner: Joel
Location: Arroyo Grande, CA
Due Date: 10/19/08
Other Kids: None

Hello! I'm at 7 weeks (almost 8) and I'm excited about being a mom. I have just started feeling a little bit of nausea in the last couple of days. Tomorrow is my OB orientation appointment!


Name: Alayna
Age: 35
Partner: Husband Rob
Location: Chicago
Due Date: 10/16/08
Other kids: none, this is our first!!!
Other stuff: I'm currently 9 weeks pregnant, experiencing a little nausea, a lot of fatigue and a whole lot of excitedness!! I hope to meet great people here and share experiences!!
Congrats everyone!!!


Name: Corie
Age: 25
Partner: Chris
Location: Currently, Bury St. Edmunds, England. But we're moving to Maryland this summer, so that's where baby will be born!
Due Date: Halloween! (I'll do my best to be a couple days early!...hah)
Other Kids: None...this is our first!
Anything else: We found out for sure (from the doctor) that we were pregnant the day before we left for a 10 day trip to Egypt. We just got back, so now I'm attempting to recover from that! This may be TMI, but at the moment I'm dealing with a nasty combo of constipation from being pregnant, and the runs from being in Egypt. Lots o' fun, letmetellyou.


Hi There!

Name: Jen
Partner: husband Scott 37
Location: Fargo ND
Due Date: Haven't been to the doc yet but know the date of my last period and all calculations say Oct 30th
Other Kids: Lovely daughter Elena 15 months, Brilliant son Jasper 16 years old
Totally excited for the new member of the family, though the idea of juggling a teenager, a toddler, and a brand new one does cause moments of panic. 

So far this one is pretty much the same as the others. Slightly sick if I don't have something in my tummy. SO tired. I remember being this tired towards the end of my pregnancy with E, but don't remember too much about the beginning. I do remember spoiling myself a bit with my previous pregnancy because I had a teenager and a husband. I could just crash when I needed to. Now I am trying to keep up with a very energetic monkeylike toddler, ugh.
Sick with the flu >.< ARRRGH!

New mommy!

Name: Victoria
Age: 23
Partner: husband Irwin
Location: Orlando, FL
Due Date: 10/27/08
Other kids: none, this is our first :)
Other stuff: I'm currently 6 weeks and experiencing a lot of nausea, which definitely is not only limited to mornings! I think I will definitely be able to enjoy pregnancy more when I don't feel like puking 24/7